Why e-Commerce websites perform better than brand/Product websites itslef?


I need to understand why e-Commerce websites perform better than brand/Product websites?
What steps should be taken to break the gap & perform better than an e-Commerce?


The reason why e- commerce websites perform better than the brand/ product websites is because of many reasons, read some of them below:

  1. They offer several products and services compared to the limited products offered by the parent website.
  2. The availability of several items on the E-commerce website makes them extensively attractive. consider an example: if you have to purchase a pair of earphones, a few T-shirts and say a tripod for your camera. Will you choose to buy all these items from different websites (their original websites)? or would you simply purchase all of it from one comprehensive website?
    3.Also, the E-commerce websites continuously promote their business by offering discounts, sending promotional emails, app notification on the phone, etc.

These were some of the many reasons why E-commerce websites are preferred over the brand/ product websites.