Which books do you recommend for Digital Marketing?


While digital marketing is a dynamic field, there must be number of books which talks about fundamental principles relevant to digital media. Which are such books you’ve read or recommend?


There are numerous authors claiming their books best. But I will share with you some of the best selling Digital Marketing titles which you will find really useful.

  1. Permission Marketing by Seth Godin
  2. Contagious: Why Things Catch On
  3. Internet Marketing: Top 10 Most Effective Strategies by Sergey Puchkov
  4. Getting Digital Marketing Right: A Simplified Process For Business Growth, Goal Attainment, and Powerful Marketing By David Jay Bradley


Correct, Pradeep. Since digital marketing is a dynamic field, there is always something new to learn. Books are our best friends and always have an upper hand in channelization of knowledge. However, choosing an apt book decides the path of your success.

Here’s a list of best digital marketing books you should go through in the year 2016: http://www.digitalvidya.com/blog/10-must-read-digital-marketing-books-in-2016/

Would be glad to know which digital marketing book made you curious? For me, it is Youtility by Jay Baer.

I hope this helps :slight_smile: