Which affiliate marketing business model allows quickest income?


Which affiliate marketing business model allows quickest income?

Affiliate Marketing to Make Money

Hmm… interesting question Aman. At the same time, I don’t think there’s any magic want to make quick muck through affiliate marketing. All real stories about people making real money online involved sustained efforts of very high quality work. E.g. Amit Agarwal of Labnol.org started blogging in 2004 and took many years to reach to a stage when he started to earn significant income from his blog. All of such efforts involve creating really high quality content in volume to be able to create significant presence through SEO and then monetise through ads, sponsored content, generating leads or may be selling other’s products.

One approach to generate quick income is to be able to leverage online ads and sell high value products of other companies. While it can start produce results faster and has an ability to scale, the chances of you been able to spot profitable keywords on channels such as Google Adwords is a combination of luck & experience.

Does this answer your question? All the best for your affiliate marketing plans. Please do share your progress and if you come across any interesting case study about affiliate marketing, do share it here.



Very interesting question. My reply is based on my experience in ecommerce affiliate. Not many companies and agencies understand the dynamics of Affiliate model. It is important to get the unit economics right before scaling up affiliate business.

For example, ecommerce portals can buy traffic at Rs.7- 10 and still be profitable on transactions. For Affiliate cost of traffic acquisition can’t be more than Rs. 1 or 2.

I think business model based on unit economics of product, categories, affiliate partners will help you make money.


Hi Harman,

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