What I can do best for an Hospital website from marketing point of view?


Hello Friends,

I am creating a website for Hospital. They have currently pathetic website & they wants to increase their online presence via website & digital marketing.

My fellow group members, please share what things I can implement from online marketing & user experience point of view ?

Currently, I am focussing on best user behaviour. Share you experience working on the hospital website.

I appreciate your time to give the reply.


I understand that’s a crucial stage, Sourabh. Generally, people don’t know 80% of patients will visit your website before they actually take up your services.

Here are some points you should keep in mind:

  1. Use Images: The images you should use for your website should be both emotionally resonant and compelling. Even while presenting statistics or hard data, you should find a way to add a human touch to it.

  2. Make information comprehensive: While you are writing content for your patients, you should put forth it in a way that everyone is able to understand that and thereby, make critical decisions on that basis.

  3. Short and concise text: You should keep your messages, paragraphs, sentences, and words short and to the point. Your material should be user-friendly. Avoid using complicated language. Instead, use stories, phrases, and words that patients can relate to.

  4. Single Concept: While delivering content to your patients, focus on a single message and each segment of it. People may not be able to soak in 5 to 6 pieces of information when they visit your website.

  5. Relevant and up-to-date information: Well, this point is extremely important. No patient would like to know about a disease or a problem is no longer viral or relevant today. You must keep your content up-to-date.

Once you have established a consistent website, leverage on Twitter, Email marketing, Facebook for its promotion. People should see some value in your website. Provide them information that helpful and they don’t find it anywhere else.

You can also check this website https://www.lybrate.com which is India’s first and largest doctor online consultation platform.

I hope this solves your query. Feel free to share your query, if any. Would like to hear from you :slight_smile:



Hi Sourabh,

Welcome to Ask.digitalvidya.com , your query sounds very practical & glad to see the task you are doing for the Hospital. As per your query, I hope you must have created a strategy plan for the website, I would give you a few shortcuts & tricks to move with the pace.

Fist of all I would recommend you to rather then creating the website from the scratch you can purchase an theme for the Hospital website, there are many websites like Teamforest, Templatemonster etc where you can find ready to use Wordpress themes, specially designed for hospitals. This will save a lot of your time & money. They are designed & tested for the purpose. And they are fully customizable for logos, colors, text etc.

Another thing I would recommend you to visit the top website in this segment and look for their best as well as basics features, the simpler you keep things the better user experience it would give to users later.

Then comes Digital Marketing, where I would recommend to focus on SEO & Social Media. This is something could create Viral engagement as well as relavancy, at the same time once the website is ready, you can register your website to various directories as well portals like practo, justdial, sulekha etc which would give referral traffic to you. As well as go for Google local listing using that you would have local online presence.

I hope this would help, let me know in case of any further query, and keep sharing the progress.

All the Best,


Thanks a ton @Sakshi for your detailed reply. I really liked these points Use Images & Human Touch because this is directly connecting to people who are already in pain. & I think my client also looking this kind of strategy.


Hi @Deepesh ,

Thanks for your welcome in this community. We are creating customized website on PHP, so wordpress theme option won’t work.

Second suggestion to analyze competitors or top websites, we are doing same to same this because we are revamping the sites so our objective is to clear India’s best hospital website while maintaining his original brand image & content tone.

Website is already registered in these directories because this is very old hospital website & these new startups have listing of hospital.

Deepesh, I am very happy to be part of this community where fellow members are so much serious to give genuine advice to others. :ok_hand: :ok_hand: