Website Position got drops from position 2 to 8



I am getting to much worried why the website position on page Ist is dropped from position 2nd to 8th… Could some one help here is the website



Did you make any change in content of your page? Also, given dynamic nature of search results, fluctuation of this kind is also possible and could be temporary. Moreover, how are you checking the ranking? There could be other factors including location, logged-in vs incognito in browser etc.


Hi priyanka, thanks for reply, I had did the change on off page like changing in Meta Title and Meta Description but that what I done after the rank drops, if it is fluctuation then it already moreover a one and half month… :frowning: The website was check in incognito as well as in other browser the position is same, even I got to used the google adwords preview and moz also…


Hi Neel,

Google’s algorithm are very complex, it varies from person to person, I am experiencing it is location specific too alot, infact results varies when I open in incognito window from office vs home. Do check your avg positioning via Analytics, that may give you much clearer insight.