Use of digital marketing in photography business


I am interested to know if I can leverage digital marketing to push my photography business? Is there any way in which I can amalgamate photography with digital marketing?


Sakshi: Photography is a very interesting domain to leverage digital marketing especially Social Media. Given the visual aspects of photography, this medium is extremely relevant to fulfill multiple business objectives even beyond marketing.

You should follow Naina, a professional photographer and 1st Indian Woman to get on to Twitter on July 13, 2006. She has extensively leveraged mediums such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine for her profession.

You should answer following questions to have broad strategy in place to leverage digital marketing for your photography business:

  • What are your digital marketing objectives? (e.g. personal branding, lead generation)

  • Who’s your target audience? Segment them based on age, location, gender, interest, profile etc.

  • Based on the above 2 factors, identify relevant digital media channels for short, mid and long term

  • How do you plan to create & publish content (i.e. pics, videos, stories etc) for selected channels?

  • How will you promote your presence on selected channels?

  • Based on your digital marketing objectives, define relevant metrics (e.g. Cost Per Lead or CPL is one of the key metrics for Lead Generation) and tools (e.g. Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Hootsuite) to measure and continuously improve your effectiveness.

Does this help? Let me know if you’ve any specific question related to digital marketing for photography business!


Hi Sakshi,

I think out of all the social networks, Instagram would be perfect for you. Instagram has traditionally had higher engagement rates compared to Facebook and Twitter, and adding on to that, your high quality images would enhance the engagement rate further.

To get the maximum out of Instagram, use of relevant hashtags is the key, with an upper limit of 30 hashtags. If used appropriately, your number of followers can accelerate very fast and big brands would come to know about your profile.

When your number of followers exceed 1000, you are generally considered as an Instagram influencer and apps like Takumi and Snapfluence among others would start paying you for every instagram post of yours.


Thanks, Sir! I have started following Naina on Twitter and I am learning a lot from her style of photography plus her way of marketing it. I would surely plan a layout before getting started my photography business. Thanks for the great information!


Thanks, Rohit. Instagram is all about images but I never leveraged upon that. I have started some great photographers like Simone Bramante and Dave Yoder. They are great! Started using hastags while posting the photographs. Hope it works fine. Thanks!