The effect of Google's new SERP on traffic


As per the data published on various sites, why is the traffic still steady when there has been so many upside down with respect to the elimination of right side ads.


Sakshi: I agree with you. While everyone expected big changes across both SEO & SEM due to new SERP layout, there hasn’t been any reliable conclusion about the impact of this new change on SEO Traffic, CTR or CPC of Google Adwords. Following changes were expected:

  1. Reduction in SEO traffic due to increase in visibility of Ads

  2. Increase in CPC due to higher competition in Google Adwords

  3. Increase in CTR for the ads which’ve been able to gain top position.

  4. Reduction in impression share for ads which earlier had position on 1st page but now gone out of page 1 due to lower no of total ads

What SEO and SEM changes did you expect?


Hi Pradeep,
I expected organic searches to be on the losing end. Since there would be an additional Ad on the top of the page which means it would further push down the organic results. Not sure if that’s really happening. For SEM, high cost was expected which implied paying more money for marketing purposes because of the competition. But facts suggest, there is no increase in the rates. Well, now this is confusing. Would like to hear from you.
Thanks for answering though!