Should i Go for Wordpress Premium or Go for Hostgator and Godaddy


Should i Go for Wordpress Premium or Go for Hostgator and Godaddy,

Looking for creating a personal blog


Go Daddy and you can also use wordpress themes in that!


Go for domain name purchase and hosting space purchase. You will understand how domain name and hosting space are linked by nameserver. Also, in managed WordPress, you cannot move to other service provider at a later date if you find the service lagging. Check out my website for cool offers in domain name and hosting space.


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**It depends on the nature of the requirement. All of them are widely applauded and carries the importance. **

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i will prefer you take hosting separtely not specific for wordpress


Both platform are used for Blog but Godaddy is better one. you can go with that and also opt some Professional SEO Services.


in an personal blog both are good for you hostgator or godaddy.

bt i perosnally recommend you you jut buy a domain name through godaddy and buy web hosting through - hostgator

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