Query regarding internship



My name is kshitiz modi i’m a student in digital vidya. My query is when should i start the internship? Currently i’m doing 3rd and 4th module so should i do the internship now or after the completion of my course or after exams? What is the basis of internship? Does the criteria of internship is marks or my qualities? Please revert ASAP.



Hi Kshitiz,

Got it. The Internship programme that you are referring to is an optional part of the course structure. The flexible structure for submissions of blogs posts allows participants to either work upon the same simultaneously with the course or even after completion of the course. The research-based internship helps reinforce the concepts taken-up by the program leader during the course duration. The criteria is based upon the quality of submissions- research work done, presentation and Social Media (SoMe) promotions.

Hope that helps?