Planning to create a website of infographics. Need info


I’m planning to create a website featuring the various infographics. But I’m doubtful about its SEO and indexability in Google. My mind is stuck upon a plain logic that there is no text content in an infographic and it is just an image for bots. The only way to optimize the infographics is meta description and alt text, which I think is not enough for SEO.
Please provide more information on how to optimize infographics for maximum SEO and indexability.


Interesting situation Haseeb. You are right about the challenge of content to promote infographics related site through organic search (SEO).

I would say similar would be the situation for Pinterest and yet it drives one of the highest SEO traffic. You will need to design template of individual infographic page in such a way that there are elements of text. For e.g. title, descriptions (short & long) are elements of content which can be leveraged for SEO.

I also suggest that you do analysis of other popular infographics marketplaces to find out if and how are they leveraging SEO.