Opportunity of a sales professional with 8 years of experience in digital marketing


Lets brief my career.I am 32 years of age and 2years of experience in c&f of P&G.3years experience in perfetti as a sales executive and currently working in hindustan cocacola beverages pvt ltd as sales team leader.This is a dealer distributor handling role.
Now tell me 1)how would be benefitiary for me if i do cdmm course for my career?2) Will it be a right decesion if i switch my career? 3)If i want to switch my career then will I be consider as a fresher and will get offer for seo or junior post?

Please guide me.


Hi Soumya,

Thank you for posting your query!

As you are already coming from digital background and possessing ample experience then you can easily switch to any field related to digital marketing like SEO, SEM, SMM or even digital marketing as a whole. If you have already made your mind to go for SEO, then you can get a senior or managerial position provided that you are qualified in Digital Marketing. If you talk about digital marketing then each segment of digital marketing is dependent on another. Talking specifically about SEO, the score and reach depend upon the content, who your target audience are and the way you communicate with them.

Moreover, any company will prefer a candidate who is capable of more than one specialization. And That is what the CDMM course is all about. After opting for the course, you will get the ability to unlock your potential, gain expertise in diversified approaches of Digital Marketing and unlock the opportunities as a Digital Marketer.

Hope I answered your question.

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Hi there,

Since Digital Marketing is booming and will continue to boom. I can bet that doing a CDMM course will not only help you expand your knowledge but will flood you with many job opportunities (given that you are passionate about learning Digital Marketing). According to me, if these requirements are fulfilled, you will do better.

Now let’s talk about what if you don’t switch career. As you know, digital marketing is penetrating in each and every field. Sooner or later, you will have to embrace digital marketing for good. You can explore more career opportunities in Digital Marketing.

Given that you have experience, you will be at a beneficiary end. However, it depends on the job role and the company you are applying to.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask if you have further queries!