Nogozo -


Local for vocal
-By Nisha Patel

Nogozocare is an app where online items are bought and sold. It gives an opportunity to many merchants and customers in the pandemic where they both get many plots to organise themselves and buy the products according to their own willingness. Here nogozocare is charging zero commission and which is stated for the benefit of locals in Agra. The main motive of nogozocare is to provide services to locals. Merchants list are made who are there in Agra or through others means we make call or through social media we make contact and If they are interested then the list is sent to the higher authorities which is handled by them further. Here many a times merchants are selling a desirable products but those are unaware by the customers and here some stories are shown of people who faces many hurdles in selling any products for initially a story MACHLA JI is brought to the media where they speak about their struggle they are facing in the pandemic. Nogozocare is providing many services like free delivery services and many more offers in the festive. It is a ​social initiative by IIT students​ who believes in #vocalforlocal and want to help local merchants. That’s why nogozo do not take any commission from merchants means ​0% commision unlike any other app(swiggy, zomato, flipkart, amazon etc. which charges 20% to 80% commission).
They only take Rs 50 per month for providing services like digitalization, advertisement, etc.