Need details about SumoMe tool


I just have come across with a few websites which are using the SumoMe tool. I observe that it is helpful for sharing a particular page over several networks just like Buffer.
So is it just a social sharing platform or does it have any additional features as well. I need more details about this platform.


Hi Haseeb,

SumoMe is basically one of the most leveraged upon Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tool that provides a powerful suite of different free tools that aid you in increasing conversions of your site. As a lead capture tool, it includes ‘Smart Bar’ that increases number of email subscribers, ‘Welcome Mat’ to popup call to action, Contact us Form and Scroll Triggered Box.

SumoMe provides on-age insights and with Google Analytics, it efficiently increases your email list and optimizes conversions. Three versions of SuMoMe is available- free for Basic version, $10 per month for Starter version and $100 per month for Pro version.

Hope that helps?