Jobs in Digital marketing


What kind of jobs available for HR students in Digital marketing?


I’m sure most of us must have come across the statement: ‘What does HR has to do with Marketing?’, haven’t we? It’s actually what we’ve witnessed as ideally these two departments do not have anything common to discuss about.

However, there is something in common between HR & Marketing. Recruitment is that one phase which binds them together. Career websites and job portals are widely spread, and most HR organizations are taking small steps into social media networks, such as using LinkedIn for recruitment purposes.Though, there is a long way for HR industry to tread on the path of digital transformation. The big gap between HR uses of web technology & the fast-paced digital wold is clearly evident.

The digital transformation in the HR function has still long path to follow and in order to gain a competitive edge, HR professionals should develop new skills (or at least be aware of some techniques) in order to embrace the rapidly changing digital landscape in which the war for talent is being held.

Since digital media plays a role beyond marketing function, its knowledge is useful for professionals beyond sales & marketing. For e.g., an HR professional can leverage mediums such as Facebook, LinkedIn for employee engagement and talent acquisition.

Does that help?