Job opportunities for freshers after completing CDMM course, what is the timeline?


Please explain the timeline for a fresher after completing CDMM course from digital Vidya? I would like to know about internship and thorough steps to follow after completion of course, and also if u could explain how to stay relevant in this field that would be great help


Digital Marketing is a vast field where you can get different kinds of job opportunities in digital marketing. If you are a fresher & looking to pursue your career ahead the best option would be to start digital marketing internship where you will get industry experience. Based on your interest, you can choose to work in either of the following 3 kinds of organisations as a digital marketing professional:

  1. Digital Marketing Agency
  2. A brand leveraging Digital Marketing
  3. Digital Marketing Tool/Platform Company

Steps to follow after completion of course:
I would recommend along with cdmm course you can start your own blog where you can perform all your digital marketing skills practically to promote your blog which would help you to add value to your resume when you will go out for internship or job.


What are the job opportunities available to me if I am not interested in blogging?