Is it good to outsource Linkbuilding?



I’ve been doing seo for a project, and it’s been 6 months. Since we’ve seen any significant result. Every month I create a link building campaign for the project like. This month we have to build XXX amount of links to our website. But,
we are unable to complete that in that month.

  1. What are the things we were able to complete?
  • Article Submission
  • Web 2.0
  • Infographic Submission and another submission
    We ignore Directories and other spammy stuff.
  1. What we’re unable to complete is.
  • PBN Post purchase (Where somebody is running a pbn and we can get a backlink of it)
    Reason Finding one with quality and budget
  • Guest Post we are doing email outreach for that project the problem is they are giving us very high prices. Like a minimum of 50$ to 100$ minimum.

So, is it good that we outsource the link building task and concentrate on other parts of the website?
Because It’s been a while on the project and we are unable to see any significant result of it.

Please share your thoughts on this.


Yes you can outsource link building. Yes, I said outsource, but it’s probably not the type of scary outsourcing that most of you are thinking of right now. Making use of relevant resources can also drive lot many visitors into your website but make sure the link you are getting is from relevant site which would be helpful for your web page to rank. Similarly, if your link building is not working out you can Check backlinks of your competitors from backlink checking tools like, or SEMrush.


Its not bad to outsource but sometimes if you don’t give it to trusted Specialist it a problem . Remember those links should be trusted listed or else they will affect your page rank .