Improve Website Ranking on SERPs


How can I improve my website’s ranking on SERPs by improving the customer outreach?


Great question, Jasleen! Nowadays, it seems people prefer quality over quantity and this approach has resulted in increased profits.

In order to improve the rankings on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), you first need to reach the right audience. Prospective customers wouldn’t come to you on your own. You have to create a buzz about your content.

How can you do that?

Go for a power user. For that you need to follow these 3 stages:

I. Targeting power users

Get ideas from people in your niche. Look how they have created such a huge presence. You can either look for them via social news sharing sites or crawling tool.
For example, Pitchbox which is an outreach automation and crawling tool that helps you to scale the outreach.

II. Present some value to them

What is there that will set you apart from others? Your offerings should not be in the form of link trades, buying, or something desperate. Instead, you should let them know why you are going to be beneficial for their community.

III. Communication is essential

Once you have been successful, you should keep up the communication with your power user network. You can send them information that could be helpful for a new blog post on their site or maybe point out the broken links. Building relationships. They are definitely going to help you out!

Would be glad to know if these tips helped you improve your website’s ranking!


If you are talking about SERP (organic)
Then u belive u want to know about SEO :
First of all u need to understand following things :
2. Keywords
3. Quality content
4. Credible and quality off page links
5. Multi platform suppoerted portal /website.
6. Good social signals an all platforms( fb,twitter,insta,reddit,pintrest,google )
7. Good ORM
8. Bloggers Reach
9. Press Releases

By following these you will definetely improve your SERP rankings on your keywords .