How to stop Irrelevant clicks in Google Adwords?


Hello Guys, from last two weeks my Client getting huge clicks without any conversion and with high bounce rate. After a through research by me and by client we found that those clicks due to his competitors who are clicking on the Ads and increasing the bounce. And as they are using the Dynamic IP. So, we are also unable to stop this. I have some questions related to this:

  1. Are these huge bogus clicks or irrelevant clicks also affect your Adrank? Because I am seeing a huge drop down in the Adrank even after quality score is 7-10.

  2. Is there any other way to stop this apart from IP exclusion like to block MAC Address?

  3. If we can block it using MAC Address then is there any way to find out MAC Address and how we can do that?

Thanks in Advance.


Talk to gooogle or emailed him , Says that somebody false clicking ,no conversion is there high bounce rate , so my adword account money get exahusted , they will see the issue and credit amount to your account.


I know this It’s a long process and not sure that they will do this or not. Because I know the Google very well. And I can’t write to Google everytime. I am looking for a long time solution for it.