How to make users return to my website after looking at products in another website


Hi Gurus,

We had developed a website which provides visibility to look at products in another website and the service
that we provide in our website is that we allow users to purchase products from other website and then we do the shipping of the products at a very nominal rate for localities that are not covered in those websites.

But the challenge that we face here is that once the user visits the other websites then may not come back to our website though it is unintentional due to the lack of clarity on the service that we provide.

Please suggest how do we keep the users engaged at the first point even before the visitors go ahead and visit the other website which we embed in our website.

Is providing a good video about the service that we provide at our landing page sort this out or would there be a better way to do this.

Thanks in Advance.



Interesting situation. I would suggest that you learn from other such websites. In your view, which are other sites having similar challenge?


Hi there,

Try to make your website more user-friendly and customer oriented. Have some easy navigations and product description.

Good Luck
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