How to handle Adwords account if you have low budget?


as any one who is having low budget and want to run campaigns.
how he can check he is getting results from there is there any transparency which can show us the details that from where the visitor is coming from and other information.


Hi Mate,

Very good question. If you ask me budget is always a constraint when you are planning to initiate any SEM campaign.

But the best part is that you get full clarity in terms what, where & how my Ads are getting triggered. We get to know the full transparency or understanding about which keyword was searched, matched and which Ad was clicked.

And even after somebody reaching our landing page, what action was taken, as was the form filled or he left without doing any activity.

And more importantly you can also measure ROI (Return on Investment) for the ad spend done on our campaigns.
This way we can also optimise our campaigns to make sure what we spend, where we are getting the best results.

Techniques could be like:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Ad Writing Techniques
  3. Multiple Bidding Options like Flexible & Automated
  4. Improving Quality Score like CTR, landing page optimisation

Hope it is helpful :slightly_smiling:

Himanshu Arora


The best thing about running an AdWords Account is you can measure and run your campaigns efficiently. Considering a user is running low on budget, I would recommend consider these ideas on 2 stages of your campaign performance:

Stage 1 Creating The Campaign: Do not forget to work on “NEGATIVE KEYWORDS” for your campaign. Add all irrelevant words out there! Especially “How”, “What”, “Why”, “Top” etc. This will exclude the searchers who are just looking for information and are not there to buy the product.

Stage 2 Running The Campaign: Ensure that tracking code is perfectly implemented on your website. Check your campaign performance regularly- understand which keywords are performing well and which are not. Remove keywords on which there are multiple clicks and no or few conversions. Bid more on keywords which results in more conversions even on lesser number of clicks.

It’s all about creating and tweaking your campaign according to user mind-set and search behaviour! A person looking for “Why learn digital marketing” is not really planning to join a digital marketing course at that particular search.