How to get traffic to your blog?


How to increase traffic on blog
Although there can be many ways to bring traffic to the blog, but there are some ways that if you follow, you will not only get traffic but a targeted audience which is very important for you.

Because if people come here and there who do not have any interest in your topic, then they will not benefit you, so today we will tell you 10 best ways by which you will be able to take unlimted traffic along with them on your blog. Traffic will be absolutely organic.

1 - Professional Blog Design

First of all, you have to give your blog a professional look. What some people do is start a blog on a free platform without Domain or Web Hositng and then think we will get traffic. It is not that if you want to make money from blogging and It is serious about blogging, you should buy domain and hosting and at the same time it is best to create blog on wordpress, because on WordPress you get many themes and plugins that you can make a great blog.

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Yes, even if you are a student now and do not have the money to buy domains and hosting, I would still ask you to buy a domain because like godaddy, you can easily get between 300 to 400 domains. You can arrange this much from anywhere.

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After that, do not try to make the blog more creative that you are making the blog attractive by doing all these colors. Try to make the blog absolutely simple, make sure that your user does not face any problem in reading your post. On the desktop and not on mobile, therefore, you must make the blog responsible and the pages which are important such as about us, contact, privacy policy must be created.

2- Quality content

After creating a good professional blog, it is the turn to start writing quality content on whatever topic you have thought of blogging, that means content that solves people’s problems and they can easily understand your content. Have to write content or posts.

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There is a lot in the quality content, such as you write the post by dividing it into some headings so that it is easy to understand, second whatever topic you are writing on the post, try to cover all the points related to it so that whatever user your posts Come up to be fully satisfied.

3 - SEO

If you have a blog, then you have to know a word very well and that is SEO. Without this you can never bring traffic to your blog. No matter how many good posts you have written or no matter how good the blog design.

What we want as a blogger is that people have come to read my content and the biggest way for people to come to our blog is Google, because millions of people ask their problems every day on Google and related to the topic on which we have created a blog. Would ask.

But we have written a solution to the question or problem of those people on our blog, but how will those people show that post on Google, that will happen when you SEO your post, then it is very important to write the post according to SEO Google’s Search Result will be visible to those people who are asking questions related to your topic and they will click on that post to come to your blog and read your post, you will get traffic.

4 - Facebook

If you can get the most traffic after Google, then it is Facebook because we all know that in today’s time, whoever has internet, does not only use Facebook, but more time would be on Facebook all

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