How to get featured snippets in google search results?


Many of you would have noticed that Google has started to show different type of search results on top of organic results. These results are more prominent and I believe would get more click through rates. Can a site owner do something to get their results as part of these featured snippets?


Divya: It’s an interesting area and not well known. A lot of people compare it with Google Knowledge Graph as well. You can get complete details about Featured Snippets from Google through

A lot of experts have been trying to reverse engineer the process and see if they can get their site in these results for the obvious traffic advantage. These are some of the key elements of this process:

  1. Identifying which kind of search terms can show results in Featured Snippets

  2. What kind of content you need to produce to get your site in these results.

Here are 2 interesting resources, which will help you further:

Hope this helps. Let me know if can be of any further support.