How to generate income with help of different channels of Digital Marketing?


As we are using many things in Digital Marketing industries. The main issue people face is that if they want to work as a freelancer how he can generate income?


I think freelancing is the best way to earn money. Why wouldn’t someone opt for this when you can make your own rules, avoid these traffic jams and just be home do your work happily. You just need an internet connection for that matter!
Fields you can explore:-

  1. Content monetization: Write blog around topics which are in demand, keep a check on the SEO, promote it on social media networking sites and tadah, you will get money for that!
  2. Affiliate marketer: By promoting other websites on your website, you can earn money according to PPC.
  3. Consultant: Digital marketing consultants are in demand. With internet penetration to this extent, and if you have knowledge of digital marketing, you can earn big bucks.
    Here is the list of few great freelancing websites that can help you explore this field :-
  4. Elance: Best site for all types of jobs like IT professionals, writer, programmers, financial advisors and every possible field.
  5. Freelance: Via this site, the tasks are outsourced to freelancers. It is a place for fields like writing, data entry, marketing etc
  6. iFreelance: This website offers you numerous amount of opportunities. Videography, photography, translation, writing, graphic designs, accounting, administration and so on.
  7. ProBlogger: If you have a flair for writing then go for this site. This site offers you right opportunities for your writing skills.
  8. Guru: If you are good with technical, creative or business projects, then Guru is something you should go for.
  9. Art Wanted: This is an incredible place for photographers and artists to create their online portfolio, get feedback and sell their services.
  10. Tutor: Great site for online tutors. You can be a tutor to home-schooled children, children in military schools and even schools.
    You can create your account on these websites of your choice and start making money! It is that easy. I hope this helped you in a way :slight_smile:


I think Google Adsense is the best option for generate Income online. It is the very easy platform to generate income for business & personal purpose. You just need a website with good traffic. For traffic you can write article on high search volume topics.