How single phrase keyword can rank on google



I am working on a keyword with single pharse which is on education. Our website is on 30th position. Even we are doing Quality links and quality content. Still we are not able to beat competitor’s

Techniques we are using

  1. Guest Blogging
  2. Blog Commenting ( relevant)
  3. Web 2.0 posting
  4. Social bookmarking only on high quality sites

Do we need to go with PBN ?


Hey single keyword is difficult to rank depending on competition. Try to use long tail keywords and rank for those keywords.

If you really to rank single keyword then you need strong PBN sites. Having backlinks from PBN will surely help you to rank single keyword but remember once your PBN is caught by Google then your website might get deindexed.

Also SAPE links will help to rank for single keywords. Here is detail article on SAPE links:


Highly competetive
It may take time but notnimpossible i have also ranked on one of the single phrases on first page …
Yes you can go with PBNs ( drip feed ur backlinks, multi ip, whois protected , without any footprint )

It also depend what single phrase is this …
Try to see from where you competitors are getting backlinks and the content you are offering…

Gain backlinks from your competitors(Ahref, majestic will help)…
Provide good social signals…
Gain backlink from wikipedia ( if you can)
Bookmarking wont help much
Web 2.0 ( powerful and expired)
Build up local citations to improve credebility
Google my business (if organisation)
Press relase will help a lot… (High PR)

This will help