How do you feel that the 4 Sessions are enough?


Dear Pradip, I am undergoing CDMM course. It is really a great resource of learning. I too want to learn DM. I want to take it as my future. My question is to you that,do you feel that 4 sessions only of each module are enough to work professionally in the field of DM under competitions, in the future?


Thanks Tathagata for your mail. Glad to know that you are finding the sessions useful. While there’s no end to how much content can be shared in sessions, the real value of the program is in you doing every assignment. As long as you are practicing everything you are learning, you would be able to build strong competency.

Moreover, even beyond the course, there will be new updates/content, which if you have acquired strong fundamentals (through practicals) would be able to adapt to ongoingly.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you’ve any further question about the learning through our program.