How creating Infographics give us Backlinks? What's the PROCESS?


I know & read about Infographics creation is good for getting Backlinks…

Creating Inforgraphics => Submitting to infographics submission sites & getting links…

But I want to know How will my site gets the Backlinks?

Will people using my Infographics link to my site by embedding the code, that included link to my site?

What exactly is the Process?


Good question .Even I am looking for the answer to this.


Good question Vineet. The real value of Infographic is when others find it valuable enough to share it with their audience. Here’s a very recent example of ‘Content Marketing infographic’ by us. It’s being shared by number of reputed publications including Social Media Today. In addition to high quality backlinks, it brought us lot of branding & relevant reach as well.

Btw, do ensure that you reach out to relevant people with your high quality infographic and then keeps your fingers crossed :).

Hope this helps.