How can I export my facebook friendlist (name & email id) to an excel sheet?


How can I export my Facebook friendlist (name & email id) to an excel sheet?

Can I also use this option for my Facebook page, for people who have liked my page. This can be useful for marketing purposes.


That’s a great idea. Even I would love to know the answer for this. There might be a tool or script to do this. May not be publicly available as it would be against Facebook policy. In case you come across then please do share.

On a different note, Facebook allows you to target Fans of your page (through ‘Connections’ targeting option) through Facebook Ads.


There is no option yet for facebook but you can definitely do it from Linkedin ! If facebook allows this , this will give a huge boost to email marketing and other digital tools :slight_smile:


Go through the below link.

This link is provided by one of our trainer in learning account.

Hope it might be helpful for you.