Google's New SERP Layout Impact on SEM


I’ve been hearing different views about the impact of Google’s new SERP layout on Search Engine Marketing (SEM). How will it affect SEM and what should be the approach to be successful in SEM war now?


Great question, Priyanka. Thanks for asking this question here. Well, talking about Google. It always comes up with surprises. Google’s new Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) layout has impacted most of us but in different ways. Since the number of ads has decreased and the competition for showing up above has increased. With this Google is going to earn good amount of money and the SEM war is going to be cut throat. For more details, you can have a look on a blog written by me. Here’s the link:
I hope this gave you clarity :slight_smile:


Thanks Sakshi. It’s very useful. Surely, we are already experiencing the heat of increased competition in raising CPC bids in our organisation.


As a user point of view what I experienced that Adblock plus is no more blocking these ads. This is something in huge favour for Google.

Also as a Digital Marketer, there is slight shift of organic results to cpc results. Again Google is making money here. But yeah there is equivalent opportunity for us as well. Even on keywords we do not have good SEO ranking, we can have some different results & slightly different CPL/CPC cost.

But overall I favour this change.