Experience in Traditional Marketing


Hello Pradeep,

If a person has experience in Traditional Sales and Marketing and and he is looking for a switch in Digital Marketing. Will his/her experience be relevant in this field?


Good question Pritpal. It’s one of the commonly asked questions. If one doesn’t have too much experience (i.e. upto 2 years of experience) in non-digital marketing area (e.g. traditional sales & marketing in this case), it’s ok to let go of that experience and apply as a fresher in digital marketing.

For higher experience, it doesn’t make sense to apply as a fresher in digital marketing. Interestingly, for anyone in sales & marketing, there’s direct relevant of digital marketing to grow in career. For e.g. a traditional marketing professional can grow much faster to senior marketing roles on acquiring digital marketing skills.

I suggest reading this article, I wrote earlier about the opportunity of learning digital marketing for people at various profiles:

Hope this helps.