Driving traffic to Television Advertisements


If I’m a Television advertiser and I want to drive the audience, what are the techniques I can use in my marketing strategy? Keeping in mind the drastic shift of viewers from television to other digital platforms like smartphones, tablets, and Pc.


Sakshi: Did you mean driving traffic from TV advertisements to your website or other online channels?


Pradeep, I think you misunderstood my question.
We all know people are going towards other digital platforms. We see ads on YouTube, Facebook etc and we hardly see any ads on Television. So I meant how can I as a TV advertiser, make the audience stick to Television ads. What are the strategies that can captivate the audience?


Oh I got it now. Firstly, I don’t think advertisement on conventional mediums such as TV, Print, Outdoors and Radio in India is declining. Unlike US, along with the growth of digital advertising, spend on traditional mediums is also growing.

At the same time, % share of TV is surely reducing as amount of time spent on digital media especially Social Media is growing. In order to gain viewership of your ads on TV, quality of advertisement is critical. You will need to be more creative and think about engaging your audience vs broadcasting your promotional message. Moreover, you should think integrated, i.e. can you think about 360 degree campaign spread across TV, Print, Radio, OOH & Digital. Allocating 10-15% of budget on digital can help significantly improve the value of overall campaign. E.g. you would have seen industries such as sports, entertainment leveraging real time engagement on twitter while a TV advertisement is on.

Finally, the content you create for your TV Ad should be distributed across other channels especially YouTube, Facebook, Twitter to amplify its reach and create newer engagement avenues.

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Does this help?