Doorway Pages, Google Zambies and Page Clocking


Hello everyone,
Can anyone please tell and describe me the following terms like Doorway pages, google zombie and Page Clocking?

And how PC Browser Page Ranking is different from the Mobile Browser Page Ranking? What are the main factors which affect the ranking in both?

Thanks in Advance!


A doorway is developed with a purpose of creating a higher ranking on the search Engine pages. A doorway page’s content is infused with certain keywords so that it is able to gain a notable ranking. These phrases are only infused with an intention of getting the page to a higher position in the search results. This process is known as spamdexing- the practice of indexing a page in the search results using certain keywords only to lead the users to another page.

Cloaking technique is a dirty trick of SEO for search engine rankings. Using keyword stuffing technique, optimize the site which is invisible for normal web users but seen by a search engine spider. It is not a good practice of SEO. Page cloaking shows different version of one page to one user and different version to the other.


These are basically for the SEO but treated as the black hat SEO.

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