Does social bookmarking, directory submission are still any relevant techniques in 2016 for SEO?


I am building my personal blog, and need to know if social bookmarking or directory submission still relevant for SEO?


Hi Deepesh,
Yes, Social bookmarking, Directory Submission, Article Submissions, Forum Posting, Blog Commenting, Image Sharing etc. are Still Effective.

I have used these for my Client’s Real Estate Website, and it showed the significant result, with these, you also need Direct Backlinks from Authoritative Blogs, which have high DA, PA.

and also look for your On-Site Optimisation,

All these Methods collectively will Help in Improving your Ranks.


Social bookmarking and directory submission doesnt have good impact on SEO now a days,
We are in the era of “Rankbrain & penguin”
Google knows what are u doing.

Dont go with domai authority and page authorit in case of directory websites… As these are moz metrics u cant rely on them …
Your social signals needs to be strong to transfer a good linkjuice… Social boommarking on just normal accounts doesnt impact much… Social signals that impact rankings are :

Facebook shares
Tweets(expired and powerful)
Pinterest pins
Insta followers
Power ful tumblrs (web2.0)

Dont go for directory submissions because :
They have less link juice
Spammy nature
High outbound links
Low qualtiy
Bad metrics
Will increase ur spamscore
Chances of penguin penalty
Will degrade your topical trust flow

Bur directories like :
Yellowpage will improve ur citation and are good…


Thanks guys for your help. :slight_smile:


Hi Deepesh

If you are promoting Blog - Do submit your RSS Feed to Blog Feed Directories, Ping your Blog to websites likes Pingnomatic, pingfarm etc… and also, Blog Submission Directories & Also Directories related to your niche, Guest Blog post on Niche Blogs.

Hope, This will Help!


Yes, it is still popular and high effective.