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How to find demographic for service?


Can you please share more details as your question is not clear to me? Are you looking at targeting specific audience on digital media for a service you want to sell?


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yes, i have been looking for audience and their demographics for my service.


Oks. Facebook Advertising is one medium, which allows you to target people based on demographics.

Assuming price of your service is high, you can considering trying LinkedIn Ads as well. Please note that min CPC on LikedIn is US$ 2 and that’s why unless you are promoting a high value product or service,

I would also advice you to consider SEM (i.e. Google AdWords), even though it doesn’t give full demographic control about targeting.

Does this help?


Thank you!

How to find those audience’s demographics like their age, interests, gender and location.


Hi Mr. Pradeep,

I am from pharma background work for Renowned BPO industry how can we corelate Digital Marketing and Pharmacovigilance (pharma ) to generate a revenue ?

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Anand Kharade


Anand: Glad to know your interest in Digital Marketing. Given your objective of revenue growth, can you please share details of your target audience in terms of their profile, age, location, gender etc? Also, do you believe/know that your target audience is on digital media and on which channels?


Hi Pradeep,

First of all thanks for reply.

My interest is where we will use digital marketing in pharma ?

As i am layman for this area, thats why i would like to know.


Anand Kharade


You are welcome Anand. As I’d shared earlier, you should segment your target audience in terms of various parameters. Based on that identify the channels (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google etc) on which your audience is present followed by reaching out to them to initiate conversation with them leading to ultimate customer acquisition.

E.g., by following steps mentioned through the below link, even without starting your ad, you can validate if your target audience is on Facebook.

You can do the same on LinkedIn Ads interface. On Google, you can find out the number of searches for a keyword in a selected region through Google Keywords Planner tool, which is part of Google AdWords:

On a different note, we’ve just published an article on Digital Marketing for Healthcare.