Digital Marketing Trends 2017


Since 2017 is approaching, what are the Digital Marketing Trends for 2017 that are expected to dominate the year?


2016 was a year that brought certain remarkable changes to Digital Marketing industry. Based on the stats and factual information on the performance of Digital Marketing Influencers shared their views that in the year passing by, following are the trends that the online marketers are most likely going to witness.

Some of the top Digital Marketing Trends for 2017 that we can foresee are enlisted as follows:

Content Was and Will Remain KING

Content will remain KING in 2017 and Mobile Sites will suddenly see a rise in the curve. Apps usage for only need based will remain but Mobile optimized sites will be the key to long-term sustenance.

Attribution to Real Value of Traffic

Attribution to real value of traffic by a publisher rather than clicks and CTR , real value can be termed as page views, time spent, email sign ups.

New Technologies to Track & Measure Conversion in the Era of Dark Social

In 2017, nearly 1.81 billion people will engage in conversations with their peers on channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Skype, Snapchat and other similar tools. Almost 70% of all online sharing today, happens through private messaging apps and channels. This phenomenon is known as Dark Social, and its importance can’t be denied.

Acknowledgment of Chief Marketing Technologist Role

There are no two ways about the fact that marketing has turned digital, to a great extent. From Web Analytics to Demand Generation and Social Media, a Typical Marketer today spends about 75% of their job role working around and managing these digital technologies.

“Artificial Intelligence” (AI) in Marketing

1.) AI will be dominant as it will play a critical role while understanding, interpreting and crafting an effective messaging by leveraging the “Database Marketing” techniques.
2.) AI can be used as an effective tool for “Behavioral Targeting”.
3.) AI can also provide critical insights from Social Media Ecosystem which your customers are part of.


The trend is that people are now forgetting what actually was traditional marketing.