Digital Marketing Course


ello Sir, I started this course because for good career but now i can see that i am the only in Ocean.

Every company want experience and i am fresher, but they are not ready to offer job and those who offering they told me that you will be consider as a trainee. they also told me that for trainee we not need your certification and all.
I have apply for internship from intershala or letintern but stipend also low .
Most important provide practical project which can benfit for us.

Then what is a purpose of doing this course CMDD.


Hi Ankur,

Digital Marketing is a vast and evolving space. Don’t worry, you have made a right choice in choosing this domain and also by taking a master level program in the start of your career. Let me address your concerns 1st.

You are correct, while there are profiles for which, CDMM is preferred, there are also lots of companies who are recruiting freshers for Digital Marketing Domain without any formal course in Digital Marketing. For them, basic content writing skill is sufficient for the entry level positions.

Moreover, you are correct, lots of companies do not pay a great stipend in Digital Marketing domain. The purpose of the internship is to get hands-on experience in Digital Marketing Domain, not to earn a stipend.

Also, CDMM Certification is not a compensation for Experience. If any company is looking for experienced professionals. They will not recruit freshers with CDMM certificate.

How should you plan your journey in Digital Marketing Domain and how will CDMM help us?

CDMM means that you have good knowledge of various Digital Marketing Techniques and you know how to apply them in various business scenarios. That will help you significantly in your career. After taking CDMM course, you will be able to understand how your existing work fits in the overall Digital Marketing Strategy of a company. In fact, soon you will be able to provide strategic inputs in your job, which other freshers will not able to do. I am sure, at that time, your existing company will realize the value CDMM offers. Moreover, the overall knowledge of Digital Marketing will help in maneuvering your career further. In our observation, if someone does not have good knowledge of all Digital Marketing Techniques, there is a good chance that his career will be stuck within few years. But there are fewer chances of that happening with you.

I was checking your participation details in the CDMM course. I think while you are regular in attending your classes, you are not doing your assignments. Without working hands-on, you will not be able to retain your knowledge for a long term. I would suggest, you should revisit all your recordings and complete all assignments.

All the best for your Career!

-Kapil Nakra.


Thanks yu Sir