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Hello everyone,I’m an ex-student from Digital Vidya. I’m really confused right now about what to do with my career. Can i pursue Digital Marketing as my Career or should i pursue MBA or MCA. I’ve completed my graduation (BCA). Please help me out.



Since you have already undergone the training in Digital Vidya, I presume you have a good understanding of all facets of digital marketing. This is because I find that Digital Vidya’s program is very detailed, with modules that are state-of-art. However, if you want to make a career in digital marketing, you still require practical knowledge which you can gain only by handling projects in digital marketing. You can proceed this way:

  1. You should try and get an assignment in a DM Agency (servicing side) or the DM division of an organization and start handling live projects. This entry phase is challenging because employers prefer experienced hands. You should present your CV well besides doing some case study presentations in DM. If your prospective employers find that you have a sound theoretical perspective, they may consider you for an entry level position. Here, do not look for the size of the agency or organization but for the job content.
  2. DM has several areas of specialization as you would have by now learned. Identify your skill and select one or two areas of focus (like SEO, SEM etc). You should become a specialist in any one or two which will definitely take some time. Take a “deep learning” approach for these specialisations. Getting certifications would be a distinct advantage. Be patient, persistent and focussed.
  3. Take initiative in your assignment and offer more service than that you are paid for. This way, more projects will be assigned to you that increases the scope of your learning.
  4. These days, furthering the academic qualifications is easy and affordable, with so many online courses. I would strongly recommend your taking up some management program, especially in marketing that would add a lot of value to your CV besides complementing your DM experience.

I am not sure when you completed your course in DV. Please re-visit your program contents in the LMS (which is a boon to us, the Digital Vidhyarthis) in order to remain updated.

DM offers immense scope for career growth and earnings. Go all out and succeed.

All the best.


Thanks for your suggestions.

  1. The Knowledge that you have gained here can be helped in doing some freelancing work while you pursue your MBA or MCA. Digital Marketing knowledge cannot be weighed with a professional degree as the it would like to comparing Apples with Oranges.

  2. You can continue with your professional degree if you really want one, but this knowledge and skills sets gained here needs regular practice and touch with the subject so, pick some related work simultaneously.

  3. You can earn fame and remuneration in this subject/industry with or without an MBA degree , If and only iff you are doing some great job in this field.

Hope this helps!!