Could you share some examples of great Digital Marketing Campaigns?


I am looking for some very exceptional examples of Digital Marketing campaigns. I am not talking about the Viral campaigns, as they gets popular very easily, but some campaigns which create a huge impact because of the strategies, create a very Good ROI.
If you could share some personal examples, that would be most appreciated.


Deepesh: Are you looking at digital marketing case studies from specific industry? Also, are you looking at case studies for specific business objectives (e.g. lead generation, online sales, reputation management)?


The campaign that comes to my mind first after reading your query is the “Red Bull Stratos Project” in 2012 (when Felix Baumgartner jumped from more than 23 miles above the Earth). The ROI from this campaign has been phenomenal for Red Bull as the brand which “Gives You Wings”, which made brand communication very consistent.

Also, how can we forget ALS Ice Bucket Challenge campaign.


Thanks Rohit, I wasn’t aware about the Red Bull Campaign, but after reading your comment, I googled and found more info. Seriously it was a great example. Yes Also ASL Ice Bucket Challenge campaign was also excellent campaign.

Priyanka: Any Lead Generation case study would work.