Costing of SEO projects


How much one should analyze cost for providing SEO services for an E-commerce Website.


Rahil: Costing for SEO for an E-Commerce website will be a function of scope & complexity and will have following 2 components:

  • Initial Setup: An e-commerce website normally requires significant work in the beginning to make it SEO compliant. It may involve a lot of technical effort as well to create sections and individual pages, which are SEO compliant.

  • Ongoing Fee: This will involve fee for ongoing optimization & analysis.

Based on the complexity and overall scope (largely determined by size of the website in terms of unique page designs), one will need to estimate and pitch pricing. For really large ecommerce websites, monthly pricing can run upto couple of Lacs as well.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you’ve any specific query.


Someone contact me for Digital Marketing(Freelance) work of an E-commerce Start-up. How should I analyze that cost Initially only SEO(On-page, Contents). SEM and other will be also done when website would be open for deals. Now, How should I analyze the scale of payment.


As I suggested, estimate the effort for initial setup in terms of man month. Similarly, estimate the effort of ongoing optimization. Accordingly, propose an amount.

One way to validate your thinking is to approach an SEO company with similar requirements and ask them for a proposal with quote :). You may even consider associating with such SEO company if the project requires multiple skill sets, which you don’t have. However, do ensure that you don’t end up wasting significant time of theirs.