Content Advantage in SEO


what is the major points or content structure should implemented to be build good attraction with the site visitors.give a example for online education business.


Rajendra: Content structure for website should be based on following 2 parameters:

  1. Marketing Objectives: E.g. Brand Building, Reach Expansion, Reputation Management, Lead Generation or Online Sales

  2. Target Audience & their expectations: Who’s your target audience and what are they expecting from you

Based on the above details, you would need to think about different sections and types of content for the website. For e.g., in order to improve reach and thought leadership, you can have a blog section your website. To anchor your audience for lead generation, you can think of creating some educational guides or organize webinars.

If you check our site (we are an educational business), you will find various sections of sites created with the above thinking:

  1. Digital Marketing Webinars

  2. Digital Marketing Tools Guides

  3. Digital Marketing Blog

  4. Digital Marketing Forum/Helpline

Hope this helps.