Confuse on CPC of Ad Group


Hello All,

I need help that Currently i got work to do in SEM and this is my first Work.

I am Little Confuse that i Have Create 3 ad group and each group have 8 keywords and put a bid for each group is (100 enhance) so i wanna know that for 1 ad group 100 means that includes all 8 keywords right?
also wanna know that if 4 keywords get click so cost will be around 400 correct?

help me out with this !!!



As you are working on enhance bidding model in this case google will adjust your bids automatically. In case Google will increase your bids upto 30% if it sees potential conversion or it can decrease upto 30% where there is no potential conversion. If you need further help on How Manual CPC bidding works go through this article

Let me know if you need further help in understanding bidding methods.


Thanks ma’am I really appreciate your kind response