Career in Digital Marketing


Hello Everyone,

Actually i need an advice from you. I wish to pursue a career in digital marketing. My question is that, is there any post graduation course related to this field? Or is it sufficient?

kshitiz modi


Kshitiz, this is more about learning, practical experience and less of certificates sake experience. Since you have posted on a Digital Vidya website itself, I am assuming you are aware/or have already gone through some of its modules.

Just in case you are looking at professional Degrees, then you can look into Digital Marketing Institute. Otherwise getting hands on the logics and techniques of Digital Marketing, you are good to go.


Hi there,

See digital marketing is one of the hot courses which is capturing the attention of many people. In order to have a great digital marketing badge you need to start with the basic which only an institute can provide you but if you will not take it seriously you land in no men land.

Good Luck

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