Can i advertise my products i have listed on other domains


As a third party seller, Can I promote my products via Google AdWords present on Flipkart, etc.?


Hi Shanks,

  1. If you are talking about advertising using inventory space on those sites, a single word NO. For details read on.

You can use Google AdWords for promote your products on any website provided the website is on GDN and has inventory space. Coming to Flipkart, Amazon, they do not participate in the GDN and thus one cannot advertise on these sites.

If you are talking about products already listed on Flipkart, Amazon, I do not see any point of doing that as

  1. You will not be able to do things like converion tracking as thse site will never alllow you to insert any kind of code in their pages.
  2. You have to take explicit persmission from Amazon or Flipkart to include URL to their products in your AdWords ads.

A more elaborate discussion can be seen here

Hope I understood your question and the answer was helpful.

Vijay Agarwal