Bing SEO vs Google SEO


Can anyone help me understand how Bing SEO is different from Google SEO?


Interesting question Rohit. Firstly, a lot of people still believe that Bing powers Yahoo results. Actually, since Oct 1, 2015 Yahoo partnered with Google for its search results including Ads. With this change, the importance of optimising for Google has further increased. However, Bing still drives non insignificant traffic and it makes sense to optimise your site for Bid especially in 2 scenarios:

  • You are already doing very well on Google

  • You are finding it really tough to get rankings for some highly competitive keywords on Google

While principal factors for organic rankings on Bing and Google would be quite similar (i.e. great content, build credibility through inbound links, site performance), there are some key differences in the way Bing and Google ranks websites:

  • Bing favors exact keywords while Google consider synonyms as well

  • Bing gives higher weightage to keywords in title tag

  • Bing gives higher value to domain age compared to Google

  • Local SEO result differences: While Google favours large/established websites, Bing values smaller businesses for local SEO results.

  • Bing can understand flash content better than Google

  • Google offers more opportunities to leverage Social, Schema and featured snippets compared to Bing

  • Bing takes more time to crawl/index content compared to Google

Hope this helps. I would love to hear your experiences on Bing vs Google SEO.