Best social media management tool


Which is the best social media management tool for managing multiple businesses on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest? Listening as well as posting.


Try hootsuite… Its good…


For Social Media Management Following tools are most helpful depending on your requirements:-

For social media watching and doing mass updates

Paid tool for watching conversations, social media engagement, SEO and other activities. You can stream Facebook, Twitter and YouTube from one page, but the streams are mixed together, making it difficult to sort, read and respond. You can post directly to one or all streams, and schedule them.

It’s one of the best social media managing tools around to monitor your social sites, including RSS feeds, from one page


Buffer and Hootsuite. Earlier Buffer used to lack the feature of managing Instagram account, but now it has also been included in their portfolio.


Well I tried Hootsuite and I found a serious issue with it. If am creating a post that has multiple images in it. When it is posted using Hootsuite each images creates a multiple post.
Is there any tool that gets around this problem. Please advice. I searched the internet and I found buffer and Hootsuite to be most used. Can you please let me know in what ways Hootsuite is better than buffer.


Hi there,

You can try hootsuite.

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