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Hi Rajiv,
What are the best SEO practices needs to be follow when we are creating international sites ?

What is best subdomain ? country specfic folder or different domain for another country ?


How do you counter a dedicated 404 error neg SEO attack? By dedicated I mean showing more than 1000 errors per day in WMT after first detection.


@rajivpandey maybe you have missed this one, do reply.


Rajiv, What if i used two domain, one for main website and other for blog. Is it help main site ?


Hey Sourabh,

Here is the link for your checklist -

However, Listing done some of the common mistakes or most overlooked things you should take into consideration
UTF-8 Encoding -
X-Default Hreflang Attribute -
Content Language Meta tag -

Better website architecture
• Subdomain (
• Subfolder ( - Preferred


Hey, Thanks for asking this question. This case seems interesting, can you share some 404 URL’s as example?

Sometimes attackers create doorway pages on an infected site in order to rank them in Google results for relevant search queries. I am not really sure of this case but recommend you to cross check here once -


No, It’s always recommended to use your blog as a subdomain of your main website so your core domain can harness the link juice coming from your blog. I have a very good ref article for you -


Thanks for answering man,Someone came to me with this query and I helped him counter it ,I asked to know your take on it.

No, It was not parasite leeching.


W3C Validation: How Important is This to SEO ?


Hi Rajiv, I am working on SEO for a single page web application and facing some issues as the website uses Angular JS whereas Search Engines crawls only HTML pages. Can you recommend some best practices in such cases?



Hello Rajiv,

How to do eCommerce SEO properly.

How to build links for it? I already knew what is PBN, Guest Posting, Article Submission and Web 2.0. But, the Biggers trouble is finding good no. of these to complete the monthly target of link building.
Can you elaborate any way by which I can find good amount of Quality, guest posting places, and PBN


Hi Rajiv…

This is really great work place to talk with the expert…

Here I have Question here for you…

few month before I had changes the Title tag and Meta description of Website because of it goes down form 2nd result to 5th result… but unfortunately its get more worst and the website is at 15th position now on today date :frowning:

** Could you please suggest me what should I have to take the measure to overcome this I want to get on second search for few keywords atleast.**

Is I have to roll back the changes in title tag and meta description OR try with new titla tag OR NO change…

Looking forward for your reply…


Hi Amol,

Thanks for asking this question.
So W3C doesn’t play a direct role in ranking but there are many other good reasons to compliment that and tilt your site towards a seo friendy one. You can fine more details here -


Dear Neel,
To give a detailed and actionable answer, I need to have a look at your domain name and top keywords you want to rank for. However, I suggest you not to make frequent changes in the meta tags (let them be stable for a while and let Google understand the alignment of keywords you are using in the title and description withy our page content).

There are few things you should check as a hygiene practice:

  • Do you have most business intent keyword on above the fold section of your website?
  • Have you added important keywords in the alt tag?
  • What is the page authroity and domain authority of your top pages/website respectively?
  • Are you carefully and consistantantly creating content around the data you are getting from search console ranking report?

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Dear Mrelliot,

Thanks for asking this question.
First of all, having a monthly target on “link building” and running after that one number is not good at all. The right way is to identify creative ways to “earn links” for the Ecommerce business.
Here is a brilliant blog on Moz on the same topic -


Alright, Thanks :slight_smile: