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Great opportunity. I’ve asked question related to Facebook Ads. Looking forward to expert advice from Prateek sir.


Only question to ask from him, How to create a community like Digital Defynd :wink:


What is the best way to leverage Facebook pages or ads these days? I see a lot happening on FB sponsored ads and Video ads, what could be the strategies for

  1. Startups: Urbanclap, PayU Money etc
  2. Intemedia companies: Cisco, Adobe etc
  3. IT big companies: Like IBM , Infosys etc


Could you suggest some practical handy tips to ensure increase in blog traffic by leveraging social media platforms? Also, is there any particular platform that has more likely chances of boosting the blog traffic? If yes, then what and how to get results in real-time? Looking forward to your expert advice Prateek :slight_smile:


How do we run social media marketing on different channels at the same time? Also how to engage users (make them share your content) and get initial followers who are also your targeted audience.


Haha! So Sourabh, one simple advice #PeechePadJaao! Stay dedicated, keep at it, and perhaps even live it! I think community building is a very tough job, and to add it, minimum tangible returns :slight_smile:


I think every company is trying out different strategies and seeing what is working well for them. Moving beyond traditional forms of advertising on fb, I see a lot of content marketing pick up, where companies are either writing or sponsoring content across important media portals to reach out their captive audience.


I think there are multiple direct ways to ensure increase in referral traffic from social media -

  1. Facebook Ads - Boost Post - While many shy away from investing in facebook ads, it is a good strategy to boost some posts which you think will receive a lot of shares. This paid form of media will result in a lot of earned media and clicks.

  2. Flipboard app - Creating a Flipboard album and adding your articles to it using its chrome extension is another great way to get traffic. Same goes for

  3. Recognising people who share your blogs - Retweet individuals who share your blogs, encouraging them further to do the same. No better way than a unique endorsement by some people.