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Hello Sir, My name is A.banerjee, I am from Kolkata doing job in Marketing and business analysis domain in a IT farm specializes into web application and digital application services. Here I am involved in many of our client’s web application and digital marketing projects along with our team as I generally do the resource allocation and revenue analysis in those. But I still learning the technicalities and functionalities of different digital marketing channels like search engine marketing to social media marketing and social media lead management etc. So, my question to you is if i have to opt for any special training on Digital marketing then what domain I should choose for the betterment of my work profile in future. Also I would like to add that I am looking forward for a engaging career in Digital Marketing and related services in coming days. So, how can i utilize my 5 year exp in core marketing and business development with current Digital marketing knowledge to build myself as a consultant in Digital Media in future. Thanks & Regards


Given your background and profile, ‘digital marketing’ is surely a key skill you should acquire to accelerate your career. Today, for anyone in web design & development or sales & marketing background, digital marketing is one of the core skills required.

I would not advice you to look for a particular skill in digital marketing. You should learn digital marketing holistically. I am assuming you’ve checked the details of CDMM program. Do sign-up for tomorrow’s orientation to Digital Marketing for Career & Business Growth from the same link. You are welcome to ask me more questions live in the session tomorrow.

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Hi Pradeep,

I want to learn Adobe analytics, however, i didn’t get any place where I can learn and do hands on practice. Please help , i have bit idea about using google analytics and also i am very keen in pursuing my career in web analytics.


Sachin: Adobe Analytics is relatively advanced area compared to Google Analytics. Adobe offers training programs for it. Interestingly, I’d recently received a mail about Adobe Analytics training with 50% discount. You can find complete details about it at

Hope this helps.

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