Are there enough Digital Marketing career opportunities in India?


Do you think there is enough demand for Digital Marketing professionals in the Indian business ecosystem as compared to that in the developed nations such as USA? Is it a good career choice?


Interesting question Rohit. To be honest, I never thought that there’s less demand of skilled digital marketing professionals in India. While I doubt that India will follow a trend similar to IT for outsourcing of digital marketing jobs, our local demand itself is huge and will continue to grow to absorb relevant digital marketing talent.

The challenge I see is lack of quality talent. Given low entry barrier, everyone in digital marketing positions him/herself as an expert on day 1 and that mindset needs to be shifted. Hopefully at Digital Vidya, we will be able to accelerate our contribution in developing digital marketing talent in India at desired pace :).

Having said that, quality of work done and required skill sets (both soft and technical) is at a higher level in developed markets such as USA. Similarly, technology leverage in digital marketing is also at a completely different level there vs India.