Are companies fooling people by giving 1 or 2 Days Digital Marketing workshops?


I am sorry if it sounds harsh. But, I see some companies and institutes providing 1 or 2 Days workshop on Digital marketing and they charge some amount.

I am wondering what they will be teaching in 1 or 2 days workshops? When the complete course duration is of minimum 2-3 months.

A person who doesn’t know anything much about Digital marketing how such workshop will be beneficial to such participants?



Aditya: Thanks for sharing your concern. You are welcome to ask any kind of question here :).

I agree with you. A 1-2-3 day workshop is not sufficient to build skills/competency in digital marketing. While it can orient a person about digital marketing space, it can’t replace a comprehensive, hands-on digital marketing course.

To share with you, we regularly conduct 2-3 day Digital Marketing workshops for organizations but as I shared, the objective of these workshops is completely different than the purpose we serve through our 6-month Digital Marketing Master Certification program.