AdWords Display Network problem with CTR



I have created a Display Network only campaign by targeting through Topics and designed Banners then added into Ad gallery, Now issue is i got 0.08% CTR client don’t want any conversions & ad extensions in this case how to increase my CTR?

Any suggestions to increase CTR.



Welcome here Durga! In my view, for a ‘topic’ targeted Display Campaign, 0.1%+ CTR is considered good. I can suggest following aspects for you to consider to improve your CTR:

  1. Analyze CTR of specific placement sites and put the non-performing (i.e. too low CTR) ones in negative list

  2. Try Managed Placements. You can aim for close to 0.1-0.5% CTR for managed placements.

However, the bigger question is ‘What’s the marketing objective of your client you want to accomplish through Display Ads?’. The answer to this question in my view can change your problem statement.


Client’s target is to show the brand(just to show brand) to people through CPM, so people know that there is a new brand.


God it Durga. I suggest that you try the inputs I shared if you are not already using that. I am assuming that you are doing remarketing for brand reinforcement assuming that’s also relevant? You should also consider Gmail Sponsored Campaigns.

Given the objective, I believe you are using other relevant online advertisement channels especially Facebook Ads especially Newsfeed Ads.

You can also consider online ad platforms such as Outbrain & Taboola to leverage content based brand campaigns.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you’ve any further specific query.